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Tan Rong, professor and doctoral supervisor, has obtained a doctorate in management and a doctorate in agricultural economics. He is currently the deputy dean of the School of Public Administration of Zhejiang University and the deputy dean of the Institute of Land and National Development of Zhejiang University. He also serves as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Teaching Steering Committee of Public Administration in Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, Director of the 8th Council of the China Natural Resources Society, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Resource Economics Research Professional Committee, and Deputy Director of the International Liaison Committee of the China Land Society.

Selected as the fourth batch of national Ten Thousand Talents Program young top talents by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee. He was awarded the “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation” (2011) by the Ministry of Education and the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. Received 1 second prize (2020) for Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements in Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education (Humanities and Social Sciences). He has won 2 first prizes (2017; 2007), 1 second prize (2012) and 1 third prize (2012) of the Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award. Selected into the third level of Zhejiang Province's 151 Talent Plan (2011, received provincial financial support). Formed the Urban Growth and Land Policy team and was selected as the Zhijiang Young Social Science Scholar Team in Zhejiang Province (2011). Selected as Youth Seeking Scholar of Zhejiang University (2011). Won the title of the first National Top Ten Young Land Resources Management Experts in Colleges and Universities (2011). In recent years, he has presided over more than 40 research projects of various types, published more than 80 papers at home and abroad, and published 10 monographs.